Mrs. Milkweed's Jam, Jelly and Pickles

To purchase our jam, jelly, chutney or pickles click here to go to our Etsy site.  

More flavors are being added each week as more fruits and vegetables come into season!


In the fall of 2014 we launched the Mrs. Milkweed's line of natural products, and our adventure officially began. After testing flavors on guests all summer, they made their debut at the Best of Missouri Market in St. Louis in October. We were delighted by the response.


What makes Mrs. Milkweed’s the best jam available?

  • Our recipes are low sugar for more fruit taste

  • The sugar we use is low processed, Fair Trade and organic.

  • Locally-sourced ingredients lets us directly support farmers and gardeners

  • All fruit used is fresh from the garden, processed at the height of its flavor

  • All products are made in small batches for exquisite quality control

  • Our kitchen is located in a straw bale, solar and wind-powered at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage where ecological sustainability is a way of life.


Thanks so much for your support!