and a few words from our guests…


No doilies or teddy bears. We’re just not that kind of B&B.


Comfortable furniture, but no precious antiques. While we kindly request that you not break the furniture, very little of it is heirloom. We are more concerned with our guests than the chairs. We’re not very stuffy here at the Mercantile, but do try to mind our manners. Cloth napkins at dinner, good wine glasses and great conversation.


"It's not just an off-the-grid Bed & Breakfast. It is an environment that reflects new possibility and hope, new considerations for anywhere you live and breathe, incredible aromas and great food, unheralded landscape, hand-hewn walls, clean crisp sheets, provocative discussions, and the best coffee I've ever had in a B&B. Alline and Kurt and more than innkeepers. They are stewards of our rare earth."

"The bed was fantastic to sleep in, and the breakfast each morning was amazing. The Mercantile proves you can stay in a Eco friendly Inn and be just as comfortable as if you stayed in a five-star hotel. I felt very comfortable and at home my entire stay."


We walk our talk without being judgmental, and do our best to help you feel at home.


"I don't know of anywhere else that you can live your sustainability values on your vacation all while receiving all the comforts you would expect in a B&B and learning about one of the most inspiring experiments in sustainable community building in the world."


You may find cobwebs in the corners. The daddy long-legs’ seem to spin them as fast as we take them down. But the Mercantile is clean. To some, surprisingly so.


"The Milkweed Mercantile is such a joy. Everything here is made with such care -- for the earth, for the guests/friends who stay here, and for the artistry and value of beautiful spaces. The place is airy, clean, and bright. I'm hoping to entice my mother to come for a visit -- she's rather suspicious that "eco-friendly" is another word for "dirty," and she's not much of an outdoors-woman. The Mercantile, I'm sure, will expand her idea of the possibilities and joys of living lightly on the earth. Thank you so much for the hospitality, Milkweed Mercantile!"


With no televisions or phones in the rooms (and 280 acres outside) you’ll have a chance to unplug.


"I particularly loved perusing the book collection, and the laid-back company of the innkeepers and other guests."


"Our family rented two rooms for the weekend at this wonderful B&B. The weather alternated between sunshine and rain--which was perfect for our stay. It has been a long time since we sat and listened to the rain with a good book. If you are looking for a clean, well accommodated, committed green B&B for a relaxing weekend (with great food and wine too), this is your place…"


We are concerned about your comfort.


"The Inn is designed to operate without air conditioning. I was pleased that there was ample hot water for showers; my travel partner prefers cold showers. There was electricity for our laptop from the solar and wind power systems, and wireless internet access."


And that composting toilet? Not such a big deal after all.


"The beds were more comfortable than we expected. We each had two big pillows, very comfy, good mattresses and linens. Our first experience of using a composting toilet and rain water! The shower and all facilities were great. Great water pressure in the shower. We were not roughing it at all."


Individuals and groups are just as welcome as couples.


"I went with girlfriends on a weekend trip to visit the EcoInn. While there, we attended a canning seminar, toured the Ecovillage, ate amazing food and had so much fun! The owners made us feel at home right from the start! I can't wait to go back!"


We really like dogs. (Sorry, no cats allowed. Simply too much cat hair that we can’t get rid of so that the room is comfortable for future guests…)


"My husband and I were traveling through Missouri when we came across the Milkweed Mercantile! We called last-minute, arrived late in the evening and brought our vivacious dog! (ideal guests, right?!?) None of that seemed to phase the innkeepers, Kurt and Alline! They were hospitable, sweet and friendly! Our room was super cozy! My husband swears the breakfast was the best he's ever had!"